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Nearly there by Daniel Hanson

Almost time to go

I can't believe it we are going to New Zealand. First you're in the rain in England next you are a few days away from going on a plane to the other side of the world. I've been waiting for ages and now it's only a few days away and i'm getting excited and nervous,
Guess what we have bought a kindle so that we don't have to bring lots of books with us, we can store the books in the Kindle.
Here is a list of animals I want to see on my trip
1. Elephants
2. Girrafe
3. Lion
4. Hiena
5. Leopard
6. Koala
7. Monkey
8. Rhino
9. Warthog
10. zebra

Here is another list of what I might take with me
1. my Camera
2. Travelling dog
3. My Journal
4. A rucksack
5. My Pyjamas
6. a Small toy
7. Clothes
8. Pens and pencils
9. My Passport
I am going to miss school not like I miss the work but I will miss some of the teachers and my friends but the person I will miss most of all is my best friend Max..

these are the things i've been thinking a lot about lately...safety; journeys, what to write in my journal, how big the plane is, how dissappointing it is that we can't sit next to the window in the plane if we want to travel as a family, what it will be like in New Zealand and why we have to stay with a family in Thailand.

P.s don't get too excited about my blog yet...i've only just begun on my adventures!

Posted by Danieljhanson 11:09

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Hi Daniel

I have just received your blog and as Oliver and Henry are in bed I will reply for them this time!! But I will ask them to have a read of your blog and they will be able to reply to you in future. Happy travelling - we look forward to hearing all about it as I really want to take the boys there if we ever get the chance in the future.

Best wishes

by oliverhenry

What do the people of New Zealand use for toothbrushes?

George's Head

by George's Head

Wow! What an exciting adventure you have ahead of you. When we were in South Africa we saw lots and lots on Impalla. We were very excited. Then we discovered they are a bit like sheep.... very common! We also got a glimps of a leopard which is very uncommon! Add binoculard to your list of things to take:)

by Stevie H

Hi Daniel, I think there will be great scientific value in identifying which country you find yourself picking your nose most in (now I realise of course you dont normally do that kind of thing.....). I look forward to seeing the results.....Have a great time - Andy (the rest of the A's probably wanting to distance themselves from the twaddle I come out with).

by andypeers

Have a great time daniel. meant to e.mail your mum and dad before you left. You won't remember me but your dad can explain what "rellie" I am. Are you there yet and where are you starting off? How long are you away for? love Mhairi

by mhairijoan

Hey Daniel!

When you are in New Zealand I need you to answer two important questions which have bothered me for some time:

1. Does everyone walk upside down there?
2. Why don't they all fall off the earth?

Happy travels!

Uncle Andrew

by Andrew Lewis

Hi Poopooface.....

You lucky monkey going on your travels! We're coming to see you on Friday to say goodbye (and see if I can swap my passport for yours so that I can go instead of you...!!!)

Did you know that the Kiwi has one of the best senses of smell of any bird in the whole world, and their smell comes from the very end of their beak - so that they can smell what's in the ground right at the end of their long nose!!! But they are nocturnal - I bet you a bag of sweets you cant take a photo of a Kiwi!!!!

Uncle M
(Environmental Vision International Ltd - E.V.I.L.)

by Martin Redman

Just a few hours now my wonderful boy. I hope you have got everything on your list.

by snigvan

Hello Daniel - Grandad would like to fit into your rucsac! We hope you all have a wonderful experience.
Grandma & Grandad

by lmhanson

Good morning. Hope you are having a good start to your adventure & are not too tired. Love to all. Grandma & Grandad. In future will sign off as G&G

by lmhanson

Hi Daniel,

Hopefully by now your ears have popped from coming down from your very, very high up flight to South Africa. And has the missing bag turned up? If not have you gone out and bought some cool new South African threads! Just so you know what you left behind.... it snowed here on Friday. Brrrrr.

Bye for now.

Stevie, Coral and Jake

by Stevie H

hey Daniel, travelling dude how is it going - no updates or am i a numpty....?
I thnk adam may have something to say....here goes
dear Daniel, I hope you are having a brilliant time where you are and when you get back I can play with you. Also I would like to say the same to Finnie.
And tell us if you see the jaws of the lion, the fangs of a snake, the trunk of an elephant, the teeth of a tiger and your dads hairy legs...(or mums come to that...)

by andypeers

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