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Hello again,
We are back in Auckland where we started and we are staying in a campsite AGAIN.
With a beach again,
in a city Again.
In fact we have been in this particular city twice, plus we have been in Wellington, and Christchurch..
Except there wasn't much left in Christchurch because of the earthquake, it is a big pile of rubble and halves of buildings with no roofs and a church with a spire on the ground.

After Christchurch we headed North to Kaikoura where we saw seals AGAIN, and even better ...you probably not going to believe this as we are not in Antarctica but we saw a penguin! We actually didn't know there was a penguin there as we were looking for seals, but some people told us there was a penguin around the corner. But, a problem. Obstacles in the way! There was a seal right on our path, lying asleep, Seals can bite and we didn't want to wake it up from it's sleep, lazy thing. So we had to wade around the rock in knee deep water. When we were around it we still had to get to the penguin, so we scrambled around the next bend of the cliff and there it was the penguin. At first we were very careful not to scare it away but when we got closer it didn't move at all. I managed to get only half a metre away from it and I realised that one of its eyes didn't look right it was all misty. It couldn't see properly so it only noticed me if it saw me with its good eye.

After a while in Kaikoura we did a big long drive AGAIN. And a Ferry AGAIN to another of daddy's friends AGAIN called Tony and Christine. When we got there I was so tired that I went off to sleep like a light. When I woke up I was surprised to see that their bach was right next to a beach!! After breakfast we went to the beach there were two rocks one called puzzle rock which looked like a load of rocks fitting together like a jigsaw and the other was called crab rock because you could find crabs in. It had a pool in the bottom that Finn and I played in for 3 days.

The lady we were staying with, Christine, went out every day on her kayak and caught crayfish and we had them for lunch. You might not know this but crayfish here in new Zealand are about as big as a ruler but also if it is small you have to put it back as it is against the law to take them if they are too young. Christine also doesn't take the female which means they can produce more babies so Christine can take them when they are older if they are boys.

We also did some boogie boarding, one time I caught a wave and Christine was on it too. She had a wooden boogie board. When I tried to sit up on it I fell off.

Now we are back in Auckland and fortunately it is sunny horray but when we were in Tongararo me and mum were going to do Tongararo crossing but it was raining ! Booo. We stayed in one of Daddy's friends houses AGAIN it was at her work in an Outdoor centre, she is called Janet.

Must go and play I will try and fit one last blog in before we go to Thailand see you soon.

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