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Elephants, tigers and Dragon Tales

Thailand here I come

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We are in Thailand and alot has happened since we have only been here a week. To be precise we have been on tuk tuks, played with Tigers, been to an Elephant sanctuary, slept on a train and seen lots of temples but not as many as there are. Infact we have only seen about 11 but the total of temples in Chiang Mai is 300. Now as you probably don't don't know half of what I am talking about I am going to explain what some of the things are.
A tuk tuk is a cross between a motorbike and a car, it has one wheel at the front and a motorbike handles, then two seats at the back and two wheels and there you have it that is a tuk tuk, oh and I nearly forgot the roof. But there are not sides.
To be honest Chiang Mai is totally different to Bangkok here are a few words to describe Bangkok smog, traffic, lots of people and lots of high rise building and hotels but not at all like London.

Now lets go back to Chiang mai, as I have already said there are lots and lots of temples and I mean lots. Now probably not the temples that you are thinking about they are triangle shaped with lots of gold twirly things on the roof and then the most unusual thing inside guess what a Buddha. Buddhas are things that monks pray to instead of a god, they believe that if they pray every day continuously they may reach nirvana. There was one temple that was bigger than the rest it was called Doi Suthep and now I'm going to tell you how we got there. First we caught a tuk tuk to near the zoo, then we got in the back of a transporter truck which are used to take people places, sometimes they are red sometimes brown they are called Songathews,Finn mummy and me had to sit on top of each other. When we got to the top of the hill we had to walk up some steps. You know how you get a banister on your stairs at home? For their banister they had two dragon heads at the start then two bodies going up to the top of the temple, that is some long dragons!

Ok now onto the tigers ...again we had to catch a tuk tuk to a place called tiger kingdom where they keep lots of tigers and you can actually go in with them amazing! First you had to wash your hand s then you went in, the tiger keeper showed us one sleeping, he was about as big as me but only four months old, that just shows how fast tigers grow! The next ones he showed us were awake and very lively they were the babies only two months old and were very playful, we actually got to lie with them but when the tiger keeper lifted up there lips so we could see their teeth we saw how big and sharp they were, it was a pity as we didn't have long in there.

Now onto the ginormous creatures, Elephants. We went to the Elephant Nature Park, the owner of the place was called Lec which means small in Thai. She grew up in a remote hill village, she has been working her job as saving elephants all of her life and she is never going to stop. But feeding 30 Elephants isn't easy they have a whole store of pineapples, bananas, and water melon. When we first went in we were delighted to find that we got to feed them. When you feed them you don't put it straight into their mouth you get a piece of fruit and hold it up in front of them, their trunk comes and curls up and puts it in their mouth. Next we went on a walk we came up to elephants and saw how big they are and then we got to touch them and were surprised to find that they are really hairy! After that we went onto another thing and we were all delighted to see that it was ...a baby elephant. It was really cute and there were two people with it one was sitting on a Tyre,

the baby elephant came up to it and pushed him off the tyre so the man got off and rolled the tyre and the baby elephant went with it, it was a very funny sight..
After lunch we went to wash them in the river. The elephant man gave us all a bucket we went into the river and started bailing water at the elephants and then suddenly ...whoops I dropped my bucket and it went floating down the river. Oh no! But because mum was busy taking pictures she let me use her bucket and then by accident I splashed Finn and then he tried to get me back, first he missed and then missed again and then he got me. We were wetter than the elephant.
The elephants are all rescue elephants and we saw a film about the horrible things that people did to them. Many were blind because they had been hit so much. Finn was very cross with the bad people.
i will write more soon

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