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The thing about Thailand is...

it's different

sunny 33 °C

Cockaldoodaldoo... oh those blooming chickens again, waking us up at 5 o clock in the morning. What wrong with an alarm clock?

That;s not the only different thing about Thailand, there's the toilets, I mean where are they? They are just a hole in the ground, and wheres the toilet paper there isn't any, you just use a bucket or a squirter.

Now that reminds me of the time we went to the elephant sanctuary, it was probably the first time we had used one of these things, While we were in there I pressed the trigger and oooooh ow its really cold and it sprays everywhere as I don't know how to do it! Later mum told me, outside all the people were laughing their heads off just because of the sounds coming from our toilet.

Then there's the showers, now its not like you would expect it, Its not like a normal shower in fact its not a shower at all, it is basically a big rock tub of water and you pour it over your head. It is really cold but also refreshing because it is so hot in Thailand. We had to use this at our homestay but we also had to have for breakfast lunch and tea rice rice rice. For lunch it was rice and some spicy things, for breakfast it was rice and donughts but not the sort you think of but long sticky things with sugar on and for tea more rice with more spicy things,

One night, eventually I thought we were going to have something different we were having a BBQ, we went fishing but we only caught small fish, so we had rice and fishy things but also things like watermelon and other fruit and lots more things that I don't know what they are called.

Talking about food we were coming back from a place where we did a batik when
to Finns delight he found a coconut. I am going to tell you the story of finn and his pet coconut. Finn took it home with him and drew a face and a crown, from then on it was called king coconut and he wants to take it home with us, but sadly we couldn't as it was too big so we had to find two smaller coconuts to take with us.

Now I will tell you all the things you can do with coconuts
1 coconut sugar
2 coconut stilts
3 coconut balls
4, fires
5 bowls
6 make a hole stick in a straw and hey presto coconut milk

Now onto transport it is crazy, especially in the cities I didn't even have to get out of Bangkok to find that the motorbike is a very popular way to travel it doesn't matter where you go you would see loads of motorbikes, Plus the traffic is crazy they overtake everywhere, and you will not believe how many and what sort of things they pile on the bikes. They pile on food, sometimes 3 adults and children on them to go to school and we even saw a monkey on one! They also use boats for transport not on land of course they use long tail boats which go very fast They are called longtails because their motors stick out on a great big stick!

And feet ,yep feet I know it sounds insane but anywhere you go even shops you have to take your shoes off. When you sit down you have to cross your legs which is really painful not having sat in assemblies for 4 months. In the temple you are not allowed to sit with your feet out incase they point at the Buddha. It is because Thai people see feet as dirty and therefore disrespectful. I don't know, I respect my feet because without them I wouldn't be able to walk!

This is probably going to be my second to last blog so I will write more soon …

yeah I know I always say that but I can't think of anything else to say
PS I just drank coffee because I thought it was hot chocolate , yuk yuk yuk,

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