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Hello everybody, it has been awhile since I did my blog and I am trying to remember all the things we have done. Here is a list of things we did I will put more description in after the list.
1. We have been on a boat called tall ship
2. We have been on a ferry
3. We camped in a car park
4. We went on a black beach
5. We collected shells
6. We went into a subtropical forest
7. I saved a starfish
8. We are camping next to a playground in a proper campsite
9. We saw killer whales
10. we saw big crabs
Ok here is the descriptive bit, on the tall ship I climbed the rigging and went out on a net that is attached to the bow sprit and it didn't feel scary at all. When I went up the rigging it was good fun, I was attached to two karabiners and I had to attach them one at a time so I didn't fall into the sea. Every now and then we did a big turn and the ship went on it's side. On one bit when I got to the highest point of the rigging that I was going to go the ship wobbled and that was the only time I felt a bit worried but the rest was fine. On the boat Finn was taking pictures of lots of random things with mums camera, first he took a picture of the sky, then the floor and then his feet it was mad! But suprisingly he did actually take some good pictures. When I went up the rigging he said to be quick as there was cake and he had 3 slices! He also went out on the bow sprit and climbed the rigging but he didn't get far because his legs were too short.

When we were on the ferry to Russell the man driving the boat let us have a turn and it was lots of fun. We both got to do it and then the man steered us into harbour he had to take control because it was too hard for us.

We have camped in lots of places including the car park I put in the list. The car park was next to a beach and we had lots of fun playing in the sand. We went on the rocks and when we had been going for a while found a starfish and we thought it was dead, but I put it back in the water and to my suprise it moved and soon it was back to it's normal life in the water. PHEW. We saw some amazing shells. After tea we went for a walk and Dad saw two pieces of cardboard and Finn and I used it as sandboards.

New Zealand has lots of subtropical forest and we walked to the top of the hill through one and it was a brilliant view of the town. In it we saw fern trees they are like giant stalks of bracken except they are trees and you know when the little tiny buds are all curled up when they are babies we saw them except they were giants.
There were supposed to be Kiwi and there were traps for Possums because they were not supposed to be in New Zealand and they were trying to kill them off because they were harming the kiwi. But we didn't see any possums or kiwi.
While we were on the beach we saw some killer whales and it took me a second to realise what everyone was looking at. They were all shouting because a killer whale had popped up right beside a rescue boat when they were training.
The Whales finally found their way back into the sea and then we went back to the van.
At the same beach there were crabs about the size of half of finns fist.
For those of you that want to follow my mum's blog it is antheahanson.travellerspoint.com because she hasn't got as many subscribers as me.
Talk to you soon

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hi daniel sorry i didnt read this erlier but it sounds realy fun!!!

p.s my mum would like to see some pics of the killer whales.

by max weaver

Hi Daniel,

Adasm here:
i hope that you have a very good time where you are and your pictures are amazing.
i won a swimming race yesterday.
we are moving tomorrow and after christmas i can play with you.the same to finnie.
love adam

by andypeers

Archie here:
cool finnie..benjy...daniel..oliver....cool dude finnie....

by andypeers

Hi Daniel, Andy here.....all sounds great and i even went to your mums blog.....jeepers anthea, great, but have you heard of twitter....glad you all managed to leave south africa safe and sound.....the words from adam and archie are there own needlesss to say......enjoy new zealand....isnt that where the hobbit was filmed...???????

by andypeers

Eh up Danny-Boy...
Lucky starfish! Bet they'll be your friend for life now.
Did I mention that if you dont take a photo of a kiwi, you have to buy me a bag of sweets (jelly babies please!). I suggest that you go out one night to the local pub, have a few beers with your M+D and then get them to take you out into the bush to look for kiwis.... (Or you could go to a wildlife park, but that would be cheating!).
Have fun,
Uncle M.

by Martin Redman

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