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Kayaks and seals

Hi everybody, a lot has happened since I did my last blog, but I am only going to tell you the good bit because otherwise my blog would be about three pages long. Not to say that would be a bad thing but you might get a bit bored. Ok lets get to the good bit, this is about 1 weeks ago that we did this but here it is. We have been SEA KAYAKING in Abel Tasman.

We set off and it seemed really easy we went past 2 islands but went straight through them as we planned to go round them the next day, but when we got round the corner things started getting rough! Mum and I had to paddle for all we are worth, after a while I had a bit of a relax sitting in my seat doing nothing until she shouted PADDLE so I had no choice but to do what she said until we were out of the waves.

Around the bend there was mussel farming where they have big buoys and ropes attaching them together, then something that mussels like o hang on then they pull them up and bingo they have loads of mussels to sell to restaurants it kind of looked like mines.

When it was lunch time we found a beach and landed there and Dad who landed before us directed us like an aeroplane man. When we landed we hopped out, and looked around. It was a medium sized beach, and I nearly fell over in astonishment when I saw a naked MAN!!! Mum told me he was a naturist but lets not talk about that any more. Quickly we set off again PHEW.

Finally we paddled round Taupo point, dad found we had stopped in the wrong beach which meant we didn't have to paddle so far because where we were staying was just there. So we landed at the beach got all the things we needed out of the hatches and set off for the hut. There was lots of stuff so we clipped all the dry bags on to one of the paddles and carried it up to the hut. The hut was full so we had to share a room with 3 other people, I slept on top bunk.

At tea time we realised we had left the cutlery in the car so Dad made some spoons out of wood which made the food taste horrible!

The next day we set out exploring so we went around another headland and guess what? SEALS !!! 3 of them. We paddled, slowly closer, Dad handed me the binoculars. I had never seen wild seals before so I was amazed how big they could be, after I had a look Dad said we should look a bit further on so he paddled off. He went one way and Mum and I went a different way. Then I saw two baby seals sitting by the rocks, we stayed where we were until they saw us and waddled into the water. They swam up to us and started playing, I never thought this would happen so it was extra special. They zigzagged under our boats and popped up again and flip flapped their flippers above the water. We watched them for ages until they swam away.

When we got back to where we started Finn and I wanted to go in the water so we went in our thermals. It was my first time swimming underwater in the sea and I did seal impressions. I held my breath then put my feet above the water then turned around, showed both my arms, popped up sniffed and went down again. When I came back up Dad was clapping so I think it must have been quite good.

Because I liked it so much today we went river kayaking. We had to paddle upstream and we did a thing called eddie hopping which is when you go from one calm bit of water and zig zagged across the water to the next. We paddled upstream dodging beaches rocks and trees and it was great fun. See you soon, I will write another blog as soon as we have internet.

Please look at photo gallery to check out the new photos

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