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My first big mountain

all seasons in one day 18 °C

Hello again, I have finally got a chance to write my blog I haven't done it in ages so you might be thinking what have we been doing. We have had Christmas the same as you except that it was hot! That might sound absolutely crazy but you have got to believe me that it was scorching on Christmas. So while you have been sitting in the rain we have been eating ice creams in sun. It hasn't been sunny all the time though so don't worry we have had some rain too.

I can tell you a very rainy day and it was on a day that I went on a walk up a mountain with Mum. We got to 1700 metres before we had to go down. That is above the snow line. I actually got to throw a snow ball at Mum so we haven't missed all the winter weather. We were going to go up to the Mueller hut, we got prepared and all ready but when we got to the place that you sign up there was a board which said the next day which would have been the day we would have come down it was going to be very rainy, windy and snow fall as low as 1500 metres.

Instead we went up to Sealy tarns but then Mum was so curious she forced me to go up to the ridge. I was glad I did because otherwise we would have missed the snow, and guess what we had to kick steps, it was quite hard because I didn't think it was going to be as slipery as it was. I kept slipping over and I got quite wet, at the top of the ridge we could see round the corner to the next glacier, I haven't told you about that yet have I? Well the glaciers were actually quite grey but they did have some white bits. Here's a fact they are melting by nearly a kilometre each year! On the way up to the top we had heard some rumbles and guessed they were great chunks of ice falling from the glaciers.It made me want to be there so I could see.

When we were at the top we saw lots of people going down, we were almost the last ones left up there so so we started going down at a quick pace but it took three hours to get all the way back down. There is something I need to tell you, on the way up we stopped for a break and saw a step, it said only 1810 steps left so on the way down we thought our feet would fall off and I decided that steps were going to be my arch enemy from then on. When we got to the bottom our feet started to ache like mad and then it chucked it down! We put our coats on and trudged along a path through some really pretty flowers, but in New Zealand they are known as weeds crazy. Finally we got to the cafe, finally we sat down and finally we had and ice cream.
After all that going up the mountain , my feet falling off, getting up to the ridge, eating biscuits along the way and throwing snow balls I think the experience of going up Mount Olliver was very good and I have written it all in my journal so I don't forget my first experience of going that high.
See you soon

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hi daniel i had a very similar experience on coniston old man he must hate me because i was running and the wind blew me over and i fell in... SHEEP POO :(

by maxymus

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