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The thing about Thailand is...

it's different

sunny 33 °C

Cockaldoodaldoo... oh those blooming chickens again, waking us up at 5 o clock in the morning. What wrong with an alarm clock?

That;s not the only different thing about Thailand, there's the toilets, I mean where are they? They are just a hole in the ground, and wheres the toilet paper there isn't any, you just use a bucket or a squirter.

Now that reminds me of the time we went to the elephant sanctuary, it was probably the first time we had used one of these things, While we were in there I pressed the trigger and oooooh ow its really cold and it sprays everywhere as I don't know how to do it! Later mum told me, outside all the people were laughing their heads off just because of the sounds coming from our toilet.

Then there's the showers, now its not like you would expect it, Its not like a normal shower in fact its not a shower at all, it is basically a big rock tub of water and you pour it over your head. It is really cold but also refreshing because it is so hot in Thailand. We had to use this at our homestay but we also had to have for breakfast lunch and tea rice rice rice. For lunch it was rice and some spicy things, for breakfast it was rice and donughts but not the sort you think of but long sticky things with sugar on and for tea more rice with more spicy things,

One night, eventually I thought we were going to have something different we were having a BBQ, we went fishing but we only caught small fish, so we had rice and fishy things but also things like watermelon and other fruit and lots more things that I don't know what they are called.

Talking about food we were coming back from a place where we did a batik when
to Finns delight he found a coconut. I am going to tell you the story of finn and his pet coconut. Finn took it home with him and drew a face and a crown, from then on it was called king coconut and he wants to take it home with us, but sadly we couldn't as it was too big so we had to find two smaller coconuts to take with us.

Now I will tell you all the things you can do with coconuts
1 coconut sugar
2 coconut stilts
3 coconut balls
4, fires
5 bowls
6 make a hole stick in a straw and hey presto coconut milk

Now onto transport it is crazy, especially in the cities I didn't even have to get out of Bangkok to find that the motorbike is a very popular way to travel it doesn't matter where you go you would see loads of motorbikes, Plus the traffic is crazy they overtake everywhere, and you will not believe how many and what sort of things they pile on the bikes. They pile on food, sometimes 3 adults and children on them to go to school and we even saw a monkey on one! They also use boats for transport not on land of course they use long tail boats which go very fast They are called longtails because their motors stick out on a great big stick!

And feet ,yep feet I know it sounds insane but anywhere you go even shops you have to take your shoes off. When you sit down you have to cross your legs which is really painful not having sat in assemblies for 4 months. In the temple you are not allowed to sit with your feet out incase they point at the Buddha. It is because Thai people see feet as dirty and therefore disrespectful. I don't know, I respect my feet because without them I wouldn't be able to walk!

This is probably going to be my second to last blog so I will write more soon …

yeah I know I always say that but I can't think of anything else to say
PS I just drank coffee because I thought it was hot chocolate , yuk yuk yuk,

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sunny 32 °C

Ok weIl, I have been on another train this time to Surrat Thani quite a hard name to pronounce and then a mini bus we are now in the jungle. This morning we set out to go Elephant riding, we had to go in the back of a truck, when we got there they had seats on the backs of elephants and we set off on 'elelphant back' (instead of horse back get it?). It was very like going on the back of a horse but it was much higher up and we were in a seat . It was also much much wablier and bumpier infact it wasn't really like a horse at all! There was a bit on the elephant ride where there was a narrow rock that we had to squeeze through. After that we came back to base camp at Baan Khao Sok.
We are staying in a treehouse...amazing! So far we have seen 1 lizard and 4 gekkos and a monkey. Now that is really amazing!
Right now we have just been on an explore up the river suprisingly the river was warm. We waded then found some bamboo to make a bridge and it actually worked, then downstream there was a peice of rock next to the river and we had to swim. We sheltered from the wind as Finn was getting cold. After that we scrambled along and mum made herself into a bridge putting her feet on the other side so we could lower ourselves down into the water. After a while of scrambling swimming and slipping and slidding on the slippy bits we finally went back.
We also went on a jungle walk,
swung like monkeys from liannas
jumped into a jungle pool with fish that nibble your toes
See you soon

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Elephants, tigers and Dragon Tales

Thailand here I come

sunny 30 °C

We are in Thailand and alot has happened since we have only been here a week. To be precise we have been on tuk tuks, played with Tigers, been to an Elephant sanctuary, slept on a train and seen lots of temples but not as many as there are. Infact we have only seen about 11 but the total of temples in Chiang Mai is 300. Now as you probably don't don't know half of what I am talking about I am going to explain what some of the things are.
A tuk tuk is a cross between a motorbike and a car, it has one wheel at the front and a motorbike handles, then two seats at the back and two wheels and there you have it that is a tuk tuk, oh and I nearly forgot the roof. But there are not sides.
To be honest Chiang Mai is totally different to Bangkok here are a few words to describe Bangkok smog, traffic, lots of people and lots of high rise building and hotels but not at all like London.

Now lets go back to Chiang mai, as I have already said there are lots and lots of temples and I mean lots. Now probably not the temples that you are thinking about they are triangle shaped with lots of gold twirly things on the roof and then the most unusual thing inside guess what a Buddha. Buddhas are things that monks pray to instead of a god, they believe that if they pray every day continuously they may reach nirvana. There was one temple that was bigger than the rest it was called Doi Suthep and now I'm going to tell you how we got there. First we caught a tuk tuk to near the zoo, then we got in the back of a transporter truck which are used to take people places, sometimes they are red sometimes brown they are called Songathews,Finn mummy and me had to sit on top of each other. When we got to the top of the hill we had to walk up some steps. You know how you get a banister on your stairs at home? For their banister they had two dragon heads at the start then two bodies going up to the top of the temple, that is some long dragons!

Ok now onto the tigers ...again we had to catch a tuk tuk to a place called tiger kingdom where they keep lots of tigers and you can actually go in with them amazing! First you had to wash your hand s then you went in, the tiger keeper showed us one sleeping, he was about as big as me but only four months old, that just shows how fast tigers grow! The next ones he showed us were awake and very lively they were the babies only two months old and were very playful, we actually got to lie with them but when the tiger keeper lifted up there lips so we could see their teeth we saw how big and sharp they were, it was a pity as we didn't have long in there.

Now onto the ginormous creatures, Elephants. We went to the Elephant Nature Park, the owner of the place was called Lec which means small in Thai. She grew up in a remote hill village, she has been working her job as saving elephants all of her life and she is never going to stop. But feeding 30 Elephants isn't easy they have a whole store of pineapples, bananas, and water melon. When we first went in we were delighted to find that we got to feed them. When you feed them you don't put it straight into their mouth you get a piece of fruit and hold it up in front of them, their trunk comes and curls up and puts it in their mouth. Next we went on a walk we came up to elephants and saw how big they are and then we got to touch them and were surprised to find that they are really hairy! After that we went onto another thing and we were all delighted to see that it was ...a baby elephant. It was really cute and there were two people with it one was sitting on a Tyre,

the baby elephant came up to it and pushed him off the tyre so the man got off and rolled the tyre and the baby elephant went with it, it was a very funny sight..
After lunch we went to wash them in the river. The elephant man gave us all a bucket we went into the river and started bailing water at the elephants and then suddenly ...whoops I dropped my bucket and it went floating down the river. Oh no! But because mum was busy taking pictures she let me use her bucket and then by accident I splashed Finn and then he tried to get me back, first he missed and then missed again and then he got me. We were wetter than the elephant.
The elephants are all rescue elephants and we saw a film about the horrible things that people did to them. Many were blind because they had been hit so much. Finn was very cross with the bad people.
i will write more soon

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semi-overcast 25 °C

Hello again,
We are back in Auckland where we started and we are staying in a campsite AGAIN.
With a beach again,
in a city Again.
In fact we have been in this particular city twice, plus we have been in Wellington, and Christchurch..
Except there wasn't much left in Christchurch because of the earthquake, it is a big pile of rubble and halves of buildings with no roofs and a church with a spire on the ground.

After Christchurch we headed North to Kaikoura where we saw seals AGAIN, and even better ...you probably not going to believe this as we are not in Antarctica but we saw a penguin! We actually didn't know there was a penguin there as we were looking for seals, but some people told us there was a penguin around the corner. But, a problem. Obstacles in the way! There was a seal right on our path, lying asleep, Seals can bite and we didn't want to wake it up from it's sleep, lazy thing. So we had to wade around the rock in knee deep water. When we were around it we still had to get to the penguin, so we scrambled around the next bend of the cliff and there it was the penguin. At first we were very careful not to scare it away but when we got closer it didn't move at all. I managed to get only half a metre away from it and I realised that one of its eyes didn't look right it was all misty. It couldn't see properly so it only noticed me if it saw me with its good eye.

After a while in Kaikoura we did a big long drive AGAIN. And a Ferry AGAIN to another of daddy's friends AGAIN called Tony and Christine. When we got there I was so tired that I went off to sleep like a light. When I woke up I was surprised to see that their bach was right next to a beach!! After breakfast we went to the beach there were two rocks one called puzzle rock which looked like a load of rocks fitting together like a jigsaw and the other was called crab rock because you could find crabs in. It had a pool in the bottom that Finn and I played in for 3 days.

The lady we were staying with, Christine, went out every day on her kayak and caught crayfish and we had them for lunch. You might not know this but crayfish here in new Zealand are about as big as a ruler but also if it is small you have to put it back as it is against the law to take them if they are too young. Christine also doesn't take the female which means they can produce more babies so Christine can take them when they are older if they are boys.

We also did some boogie boarding, one time I caught a wave and Christine was on it too. She had a wooden boogie board. When I tried to sit up on it I fell off.

Now we are back in Auckland and fortunately it is sunny horray but when we were in Tongararo me and mum were going to do Tongararo crossing but it was raining ! Booo. We stayed in one of Daddy's friends houses AGAIN it was at her work in an Outdoor centre, she is called Janet.

Must go and play I will try and fit one last blog in before we go to Thailand see you soon.

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Swimming with Dolphins!

sunny 26 °C

Here is a riddle and you have to try and guess it. It's and animal it lives in the water, its a mammal, it begins with D, they are the smallest type in the world (so they are about the size of me).
I didn't think you would guess it. Its a Hector Dolphin and you only find them in New Zealand and I swam with one this morning.
This morning we set off in to town , when we got there we got sorted into our wetsuits then we got on to the boat had our picture and went off in search of Dolphins. The boat was faster than we expected and we saw one quite soon, me and dad had been up front when we saw a black fin bob up we knew it was Dolphin because the guide had told us to look out for mickey mouses ear bobbing up. A hector dolphins fin isn't actually pointed it is a very round and curves in at the back. We didn't swim with it though because by the time we all looked it had gone. The next one we saw was interested in us which was great as wild Dolphins can get bored very easily.
We then got in the water in our wetsuits. Surprisingly the water felt warm and I stayed in the whole time, now you might think that's the end but no I've got something even more amazing to tell you. One came up close to me and swam around me three times about 20cm away, now that is what I call awesome!
Now I have done all these things on my trip so far, I'm not sure that there will be anything else to do as i'm only eight. I did want to go bungee jumping but you have to be ten to do that.
When we are in Thailand we will probably go snorkelling. Now I am going to put one more word to sum up what we have been doing that word is AWESOME!

I'll write more as soon as we do another thing see you soon.

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