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Goodbye Africa

We're on our last day in south Africa now! I cant believe it can you? I mean
time goes really fast these days and you've got to admit it can be really
annoying. The last few days we've been at dad's friends house there name's
are Pete and Jill and they have a dog called Lotty that barked at us when
we first met her and a fudgy cat pounced at me.They have a small swimming pool in there garden which they say is useual in that town, even better Pete has a motorbike and we got a ride on it!
While we have been in Africa we have mostly been staying at a backpackers house. The ladies name is Vera Ann and her house is surrounded by flowers,
she has lots of chickens, two dogs, a cat, and some ducks and her job is making jam which is a pity for me because I don't like jam but lucky for the others in my family because they do.
It feels weird leaving Africa and moving on to the county that we planned to go to on our the trip and I am glad I went to Africa because if I didn't go I wouldn't have seen all the animals I listed in my last blog.
These are the 5 things I have learnt about Africa.
1. It wasn't just the Romans that made straight roads
2. They do have cheese which is a very big relief.
3. In Africa there is no doubt of seeing birds with pink, or orange, or bright yellow with red breasts.
4. The African schools can be rich or poor and can be all different shapes and sizes
5. African houses or schools or nearly anything have very spikey fences around them.
So those are the 5 things, now it is time for the final rating of SOUTH AFRICA I say 7 out of 10
See you in New Zealand, I hope we dont lose our bags again...

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Amazing Africa

24 °C

Sorry it has been ages since I have written we have seen loads. Right now we are on Safari. We have seen millions of animals so many I can't think of them all. Lets see I will try and think of them...I've seen lions, hyennas zebras warthog, wilderbeast, elephant, impala and kudu (type of deer).
A few days ago I saw a gecko it was just lying randomly on a rock while I while I was playing. By then we were on Drakensberg we went for a walk there and every now and then there were wooden stumps that formed a channel to wash the water down the valley, we saw some giant centipedes called songololos and Finn counted the stumps on the way back, every single one up to 75!
The next day we went to Lesotho which is in the mountains that you can see from South Africa and is a seperate country. It was very strange at first and Finn and I were both shy and me and Finn started to act silly and got told off by mum. We went into the classrooms and bought a woven picture of a house and it was all fluffy and comfortable, to raise money for the school. Most of the classrooms were very small and the class ones were very cute I couldn't believe it when I found out they started school at 6 because they were all really tiny especially one little girl in a pink jumper who always smiled at us and was the cutest of all. We had a guide that took us in a truck to Lesotho and went off road and we got to stick our heads out of the window and we saw mostly fields of maize which is a type of grain, and dirt which was really red. When we arrived at Lesotho a teacher showed us all around, first the school then loads of other places which I will tell you now. First we went to the pub which was nothing like you would expect. And the beer was absolutely disgusting and when dad told me to smell it I didn't want to so I did it while holding my nose. Luckily I didn't have to taste it but it looked like dirty gone off milk yuck! Next we went to a lady who was a healer and spoke Soto language and the teacher which was showing us around had to translate the language. Next we went to a place where they ground grain into tiny little bits of powder there we had lunch which was very strange and I didn't really want to eat any because it didn't taste very normal and I didn't recognise any of it. Finally I ate a tuna sandwich. Right now we are back in Durban and we have just finished our Safari. On our last day of safari we saw an amazing sight for Mum that day we saw a girraffe that was the animal she wanted to see the most.We also saw a Rhino and it was far too close for comfort but it didn't care about us it was virtually Dad's arm span away from us. Apparently rhino's are being poached again and are in danger of being extinct.
If you have any questions please ask them and I will do my best to try and find them out.

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Nearly there by Daniel Hanson

Almost time to go

I can't believe it we are going to New Zealand. First you're in the rain in England next you are a few days away from going on a plane to the other side of the world. I've been waiting for ages and now it's only a few days away and i'm getting excited and nervous,
Guess what we have bought a kindle so that we don't have to bring lots of books with us, we can store the books in the Kindle.
Here is a list of animals I want to see on my trip
1. Elephants
2. Girrafe
3. Lion
4. Hiena
5. Leopard
6. Koala
7. Monkey
8. Rhino
9. Warthog
10. zebra

Here is another list of what I might take with me
1. my Camera
2. Travelling dog
3. My Journal
4. A rucksack
5. My Pyjamas
6. a Small toy
7. Clothes
8. Pens and pencils
9. My Passport
I am going to miss school not like I miss the work but I will miss some of the teachers and my friends but the person I will miss most of all is my best friend Max..

these are the things i've been thinking a lot about lately...safety; journeys, what to write in my journal, how big the plane is, how dissappointing it is that we can't sit next to the window in the plane if we want to travel as a family, what it will be like in New Zealand and why we have to stay with a family in Thailand.

P.s don't get too excited about my blog yet...i've only just begun on my adventures!

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