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My first big mountain

all seasons in one day 18 °C

Hello again, I have finally got a chance to write my blog I haven't done it in ages so you might be thinking what have we been doing. We have had Christmas the same as you except that it was hot! That might sound absolutely crazy but you have got to believe me that it was scorching on Christmas. So while you have been sitting in the rain we have been eating ice creams in sun. It hasn't been sunny all the time though so don't worry we have had some rain too.

I can tell you a very rainy day and it was on a day that I went on a walk up a mountain with Mum. We got to 1700 metres before we had to go down. That is above the snow line. I actually got to throw a snow ball at Mum so we haven't missed all the winter weather. We were going to go up to the Mueller hut, we got prepared and all ready but when we got to the place that you sign up there was a board which said the next day which would have been the day we would have come down it was going to be very rainy, windy and snow fall as low as 1500 metres.

Instead we went up to Sealy tarns but then Mum was so curious she forced me to go up to the ridge. I was glad I did because otherwise we would have missed the snow, and guess what we had to kick steps, it was quite hard because I didn't think it was going to be as slipery as it was. I kept slipping over and I got quite wet, at the top of the ridge we could see round the corner to the next glacier, I haven't told you about that yet have I? Well the glaciers were actually quite grey but they did have some white bits. Here's a fact they are melting by nearly a kilometre each year! On the way up to the top we had heard some rumbles and guessed they were great chunks of ice falling from the glaciers.It made me want to be there so I could see.

When we were at the top we saw lots of people going down, we were almost the last ones left up there so so we started going down at a quick pace but it took three hours to get all the way back down. There is something I need to tell you, on the way up we stopped for a break and saw a step, it said only 1810 steps left so on the way down we thought our feet would fall off and I decided that steps were going to be my arch enemy from then on. When we got to the bottom our feet started to ache like mad and then it chucked it down! We put our coats on and trudged along a path through some really pretty flowers, but in New Zealand they are known as weeds crazy. Finally we got to the cafe, finally we sat down and finally we had and ice cream.
After all that going up the mountain , my feet falling off, getting up to the ridge, eating biscuits along the way and throwing snow balls I think the experience of going up Mount Olliver was very good and I have written it all in my journal so I don't forget my first experience of going that high.
See you soon

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Kayaks and seals

Hi everybody, a lot has happened since I did my last blog, but I am only going to tell you the good bit because otherwise my blog would be about three pages long. Not to say that would be a bad thing but you might get a bit bored. Ok lets get to the good bit, this is about 1 weeks ago that we did this but here it is. We have been SEA KAYAKING in Abel Tasman.

We set off and it seemed really easy we went past 2 islands but went straight through them as we planned to go round them the next day, but when we got round the corner things started getting rough! Mum and I had to paddle for all we are worth, after a while I had a bit of a relax sitting in my seat doing nothing until she shouted PADDLE so I had no choice but to do what she said until we were out of the waves.

Around the bend there was mussel farming where they have big buoys and ropes attaching them together, then something that mussels like o hang on then they pull them up and bingo they have loads of mussels to sell to restaurants it kind of looked like mines.

When it was lunch time we found a beach and landed there and Dad who landed before us directed us like an aeroplane man. When we landed we hopped out, and looked around. It was a medium sized beach, and I nearly fell over in astonishment when I saw a naked MAN!!! Mum told me he was a naturist but lets not talk about that any more. Quickly we set off again PHEW.

Finally we paddled round Taupo point, dad found we had stopped in the wrong beach which meant we didn't have to paddle so far because where we were staying was just there. So we landed at the beach got all the things we needed out of the hatches and set off for the hut. There was lots of stuff so we clipped all the dry bags on to one of the paddles and carried it up to the hut. The hut was full so we had to share a room with 3 other people, I slept on top bunk.

At tea time we realised we had left the cutlery in the car so Dad made some spoons out of wood which made the food taste horrible!

The next day we set out exploring so we went around another headland and guess what? SEALS !!! 3 of them. We paddled, slowly closer, Dad handed me the binoculars. I had never seen wild seals before so I was amazed how big they could be, after I had a look Dad said we should look a bit further on so he paddled off. He went one way and Mum and I went a different way. Then I saw two baby seals sitting by the rocks, we stayed where we were until they saw us and waddled into the water. They swam up to us and started playing, I never thought this would happen so it was extra special. They zigzagged under our boats and popped up again and flip flapped their flippers above the water. We watched them for ages until they swam away.

When we got back to where we started Finn and I wanted to go in the water so we went in our thermals. It was my first time swimming underwater in the sea and I did seal impressions. I held my breath then put my feet above the water then turned around, showed both my arms, popped up sniffed and went down again. When I came back up Dad was clapping so I think it must have been quite good.

Because I liked it so much today we went river kayaking. We had to paddle upstream and we did a thing called eddie hopping which is when you go from one calm bit of water and zig zagged across the water to the next. We paddled upstream dodging beaches rocks and trees and it was great fun. See you soon, I will write another blog as soon as we have internet.

Please look at photo gallery to check out the new photos

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Following a fault line

sunny 30 °C

It's always so will hard to decide what to write about so I will have to go back to the end of my last blog. After the whales we went to the Coromandel peninsular to a place called Hot water beach! After tea Finn and me went down to hot water beach with mum we had to dig 6 holes to find the right one which was bath temperature.

We have also been to Rotorua which has mud pools and even better hot springs except you wouldn't want to bathe in these! They smell of rotten eggs and plus they could burn your foot off! Luckily some people have a little bit of common sense and have fences around them but some are just left lying there ,,,insane! These are the colours of them and what they are made of, Yellow is sulphur, red is iron oxide, green collodial sulphur and ferrous salts, orange is antimony, purple which we didn't see is manganese oxide. My favourite was champagne pool it's called champagne pool because it bubbles.

There are also volcanoes. On the radio ages and ages ago it said that Ruapehu was going to errupt but this is why you never ever listen to the news guess what ...Tongarario errupted instead. On the way to Wellington we went past Tonagario and another different volcano which was very hard to pronounce and we can't rember it's name but it looked like a proper volcano. When we went past Tongarioro had smoke coming out of it but it didn't look like a proper volcano at all and was very hard to spot.

In Wellington we were trying to do something on the computer (mum and dad buying a car) but we couldn't because everyone was using the internet because the hobbit had just come out and there was a big opening thing in Wellington.Also in Wellington we went on the train to Te Papa museum first we went into a place where they made it look jungly and there was a giant squid which is the biggest squid found in the world and it was about the size of a mini but thinner , and did you know that kiwi's are actually the size of a hen? There was also a room with a little pretend house that you went in and it showed you what it was like if there was an earthquake.
We are now on a ferry from Wellington to South Island
See you soon.

This blog was posted a week later due to lack of internet, Daniel is now in Abel Tasman. For new photos please look at the gallery...thanks

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all seasons in one day 17 °C

Hello everybody, it has been awhile since I did my blog and I am trying to remember all the things we have done. Here is a list of things we did I will put more description in after the list.
1. We have been on a boat called tall ship
2. We have been on a ferry
3. We camped in a car park
4. We went on a black beach
5. We collected shells
6. We went into a subtropical forest
7. I saved a starfish
8. We are camping next to a playground in a proper campsite
9. We saw killer whales
10. we saw big crabs
Ok here is the descriptive bit, on the tall ship I climbed the rigging and went out on a net that is attached to the bow sprit and it didn't feel scary at all. When I went up the rigging it was good fun, I was attached to two karabiners and I had to attach them one at a time so I didn't fall into the sea. Every now and then we did a big turn and the ship went on it's side. On one bit when I got to the highest point of the rigging that I was going to go the ship wobbled and that was the only time I felt a bit worried but the rest was fine. On the boat Finn was taking pictures of lots of random things with mums camera, first he took a picture of the sky, then the floor and then his feet it was mad! But suprisingly he did actually take some good pictures. When I went up the rigging he said to be quick as there was cake and he had 3 slices! He also went out on the bow sprit and climbed the rigging but he didn't get far because his legs were too short.

When we were on the ferry to Russell the man driving the boat let us have a turn and it was lots of fun. We both got to do it and then the man steered us into harbour he had to take control because it was too hard for us.

We have camped in lots of places including the car park I put in the list. The car park was next to a beach and we had lots of fun playing in the sand. We went on the rocks and when we had been going for a while found a starfish and we thought it was dead, but I put it back in the water and to my suprise it moved and soon it was back to it's normal life in the water. PHEW. We saw some amazing shells. After tea we went for a walk and Dad saw two pieces of cardboard and Finn and I used it as sandboards.

New Zealand has lots of subtropical forest and we walked to the top of the hill through one and it was a brilliant view of the town. In it we saw fern trees they are like giant stalks of bracken except they are trees and you know when the little tiny buds are all curled up when they are babies we saw them except they were giants.
There were supposed to be Kiwi and there were traps for Possums because they were not supposed to be in New Zealand and they were trying to kill them off because they were harming the kiwi. But we didn't see any possums or kiwi.
While we were on the beach we saw some killer whales and it took me a second to realise what everyone was looking at. They were all shouting because a killer whale had popped up right beside a rescue boat when they were training.
The Whales finally found their way back into the sea and then we went back to the van.
At the same beach there were crabs about the size of half of finns fist.
For those of you that want to follow my mum's blog it is antheahanson.travellerspoint.com because she hasn't got as many subscribers as me.
Talk to you soon

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Flying like Batman

semi-overcast 17 °C

Ok we haven't lost our bags ...thank goodness for that.
We are in New Zealand at the moment both planes to here were Quantas and they are suprisingly good. Luckily it is not upside down world in New Zealand, the thing that is confusing though is that it is very like my home country England. Right now i've just started this really good book and at the moment I am at chapter eight, it's a good thing that i've got a proper book to read as most of the time we have been reading a kindle.
When we arrived in New Zealand it was very exciting but also weird because we flew into the night like batman. (Night, tiny bit of day night again)
When we landed we stayed in a hotel for the night and it took a few days to get used to the time change. On the first day I woke up at lunch time CRAZY! The hotel had a swimming pool and I was the only one brave enough to go in because it was so cold. M um and Finn were just being scardy cats. I don't think finn really knew what was happening!
The next day guess what? We got a camper van! It's like a house on wheels it's humungous!!!
Anyhow I will try and write soon with what New Zealand is like.

NOTE Daniel wrote this a week ago but we had no internet so there will be another one following very soon.

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